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Got Books? Lets Make A Deal :) (You might win $100 in store credit.)

Mar 10, 2018

If you have been to our bookstore then you know that most of the books that we put on our shelves are ones that come in the front door from members of the community.  We never know what we are going to get from day to day and that is part of the fun.  

We offer store credit for books that you guys bring us, and we are pretty sure that we have the best deal in town.  (We love books as much as you do, and we've done the rounds.)

It is a pretty great feeling to see a family come into the store with an armload of books that have been sitting unread on a shelf and leave with new treasures. 

We have a pretty huge selection as of now, but we are working on expanding soon and we need even more of you to bring in your books for us. 

So we got to thinking...

Contests and events are kind of our thing.  So we have decided that every month we are going to choose one buyback transaction receipt at random and give out $100 in store credit to the winner.


(I get it.  If you are reading this and are getting flustered thinking about getting rid of any of your darlings, don't worry.  This is a good thing for you too, because all of these people that don't treat their books as members of the family are going to be bringing them in for you to come and buy.  It's the circle of life.) 

Either way, come on out to Murphy's today and see the best new place in the Dayton area for books.  



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