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Murphy's Million Minute Summer Reading Challenge

Uncategorized Jun 10, 2019

We know that kids end up starting school in the fall a little bit behind from where they stopped in the spring... and that makes perfect sense. 

Summer can be full of days in the sprinklers, trips to the pool, lazy Saturdays, and a whole bunch more...

But, in order to keep kids from playing catchup in the fall, there are a few things we can do...

A big one is to get kids to continue to read 20 minutes a day.

It's one of the most important habits kids can pick up from us, and it's one we can help with.

We decided do our part by creating the Million Minute Challenge at Murphy's Used Books. 

The Million Minute Challenge is a plan to do a couple of things at the same time.  

1. Reading 20 minutes a day is super important... and we want to help kids get into that habit. Check out the reasons why in the chart below. 


2. Owning books is incredibly important as well.  In fact, recent studies show that having a well stocked library in your home goes a long way to make up for not having access to other educational advantages. 

So the Million Minute Summer Reading Challenge goes towards hitting both of those problems.  

Sign up here for the Challenge, and we will get started today. We have an online program where you can sign up your kids to track their reading...

It's pretty amazing.  You earn points for reading time that you can redeem for different prizes... including free books in the store. 

Also, you don't have to live in the area to participate!  We can also ship your rewards including books anywhere in the United States.  

We hope to see you there... Help us hit our Million Minute Goal!!!







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