Murphy's is Going Out Of Business December 31st 2019

Volunteer Program

We are really excited today to talk to you about our volunteer program, because there is so much we wouldn’t be able to do without it.  It would be nearly impossible to donate the number of books we do to people and organizations in our community without the volunteer program, and we so grateful to those that are able to participate.  In addition to helping us get books to people that need them, our volunteers are able to earn store credit for each  shift they help us to sort books or participate in our events. 

We require that all volunteers be 18 years of age, and there is sometimes a limited amount of space on some days and we always prioritize teachers.  We’d love for every teacher that needs books for their classrooms to be able to get them from us rather than have to pay out of their own pockets. 

We have volunteer hours each and every day at Murphy's on Wilmington Pike.  

You can sign up to volunteer here.


 We are also able to accommodate large groups.  Contact [email protected] for more info on that. 



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