Murphy's Used Books to CLOSE December 31st! Click Here for More Info.

Special Note About Buyback

As of December 1st, 2019 Murphy's Used Books will no longer offer Store Credit for items brought in. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Frequently Asked Questions

We're Murphy's Used Books & Media, a family owned bookstore serving the Dayton area since 2017. Through various ventures we have been buying and selling used books for close to 10 years and we are excited to be able to offer a unique source of books to the Dayton community and beyond.

We buy and sell used books and media (CDs, DVDs, video games, audio books, vinyl, & more). We also offer community resource programming, children's activities, and other events to better serve our community. We at Murphy's strive to be more than just a bookstore, we want to be a part of the community. We want to build something special, together.

We are located in Kettering, Ohio, a suburb of Dayton. Our address is 2852 Wilmington Pike and we are in the Wilmington Plaza Shopping Center along side Discount Fashion Warehouse, St. Francis Thrift Store, & Big Lots.

We are open 6 days a week. Our hours as of Sept. 16th, 2019 are; CLOSED Monday, Tuesday - Friday 11am until 7pm, Saturday 10am until 8pm & Sunday 11am until 5pm. Buyback stops one hour before the store closes each night.

Murphy's Used Books cares about the safety and wellbeing of our customers and employees and will occasionally close due to bad weather. On days were there are other closings in the area please check our Facebook page for updated hours.

You can contact us by phone at (937) 813-8370 (automated message), snail mail at 2852 Wilmington Pike Kettering, Ohio 45419, or on the web through Facebook.

For technical support please email us at support @ murphysusedbooks[dot]com.

Due to the high volume of items we process daily we cannot keep “want lists” or “waiting lists” for particular items at this time.

Unfortunately we cannot quote prices or locate a particular item on the shelf over the phone. However, we can always direct you to a specific section in the store where a particular item may be located on the shelves.

We accept Cash, all major Credit Cards, and our own Store Credit earned by selling items to us. Unfortunately we do not accept bits of string at this time, nor do we accept Checks.

We sure do!! We love to look at gently used books and media and we make offers in store credit. Our store credit is usable on any merchandise in the store except Custom Book Art, Sketches, Video Game Consoles, Compass & Key Studios jewelry, and it never expires. Store credit is not valid for the purchase of Gift Cards, but is transferable. We buy back items that we feel that we can sell and may reject items due to age, condition, or stock on hand. The amount that we offer for items is not negotiable and you are free to reject any offer made by our staff. Stop in today to find out if you have what we need.

Please note that as of 10/6/17 Murphy's Used Books will no longer pay cash for items sold back to us. Offers are made in store credit only.

As of December 1st, 2019 we no longer offer Store Credit for items brought in. We can always accept items as donation or for recycling.

At this time we do not accept cassettes, VHS, 8-tracks, or any other tape-based media. Former library items, book club editions, Reader's Digest editions, and custom published textbooks are also items that we tend not to buy. All DVDs and CDs must be in their original packaging and hard cover books must have their dust jackets. We do not buy loose discs for CDs, DVDs, and video games. Books whose spines are broken, are water damaged, have excessive annotations, highlighting, writing, or creases will be rejected due to condition. Murphy's staff reserves the right to reject items for buyback at their discretion.

That all depends on a few factors. 1) How many items you have, 2) how many orders are in front of you, & 3) how many people we have to evaluate your items. Based on those factors we make every attempt to process orders in 15-30 min. We'll give you a rough estimate of how long it'll take at the time of drop off. You are expected to stay within the store and/or come back to the Buyback Counter after the estimated time has elapsed. If more time is needed to process your order you will be notified at that time and if you must leave are expected to be back in the store before close of business that night. Any orders left unredeemed at the end of the day will be subject to the terms of a Large Order. If you have an exceptionally large order, you may be asked to leave the order overnight and we will contact you when your order is finished. Large orders are typically complete within 24-48 hours. [Example Large Order Form.PDF]

We buy back items every day. We ask that you are here at least one hour before the store closes to give us ample time to evaluate your items. Any orders brought in after this time may be subject to the terms of a Large Order and you will be contacted once it is complete. This rule may apply to days where we have large events at the store as well. This gives our Book Ninjas the ability to do more for you, our customers. 

Please note, that while we do buy everyday, there are some days that disagree with books. Nobody really likes a rainy day and books are no exception. Please take precaution when transporting paper material under wet or rainy conditions. One of the reasons we have to reject items is due to water damage and it can happen fast. So do what you can to save those books from the recycler and cover them up.

We base our offers on what the item will sell for in the store and will offer up to 50% of the resale price in store credit. Certain items, like fiction, we we may not be able offer as much for, but we make every attempt to give you the best offer around for your items. Please understand that we cannot buy everything, and some items may be returned to you for the reasons listed above. Store credit is transferable and makes a great gift idea for any book or media lover you may know.

Most of our books follow the following pricing structure; most mass market paperback books are $2-$3, most adult fiction and non fiction are $3-$4, most children's titles are between $2 and $3 with level readers, little golden books, many smaller board books, & paperback picture books at $1. Audio books are between $2 & $4, CDs are mostly $2, and DVDs $3 to $5 with TV series and Boxsets sometimes a little more. Some titles may be higher due to increased demand and limited availability. We've tried to keep most items at $5 or under, but some boxed sets and other larger books may be more. Stop in today and see why we feel like we're the best place to shop for books & media at the lowest prices.

We buy books and media from all over the place. Most items we buy directly from our customers in the store. See above for more information on our Buyback Policy.

We currently offer a 10% discount to educators as long as they show some sort of proof that they are affiliated with a school or something that verifies participation in homeschooling. This can be, but is not limited to; teacher ID card, pay stub, union card, e-mail verification, etc. 

Introducing Murphy's Rewards Program! Please see store for details on how you can earn discounts, store credit, & more!

Unfortunately none of our items are in any type of inventory system, but we can direct you to the section where we would have put it if it were available. Our shelves are set up for browsing and that's just what we hope you'll do. You're bound to find all sorts of treasure in our store. Bring your list and spend as much time as you like, just as long as you're done before closing.

We have made every attempt to organize our shelves to make browsing as easy as we can. Our fiction sections are alphabetized by author and broken out by genre and our non-fiction sections are categorized by subject. Please bear with us as we work on organizing some of the harder sections in our store.

We shelve newly arrived items bought back every day. Due to the high volume of items that we process each and every day it can be difficult to get all of those items out, so we have carts throughout the departments which we put Recently Bought Back items on to shelve from.

Due to the nature of our business all sales are final with the exception of audio books, CDs, DVDs, video games, systems & accessories. We allow returns on defective media items within 7 days of purchase for store credit. While we'd love to swap your defective item out for a duplicate, that may not always be possible. You may use the store credit from returned defective media items on other products in the store as well.


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