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Our New Bulk Books Subscription Program

May 26, 2018

I know we are all busy and not everyone has the ability to make to the bookstore as often as they would like.  Although, it couldn't hurt to come see us more often :) 

But if you haven't heard I've been working really hard on a brand new opportunity for people that want to have access to books for the kids in their life and also make a difference in their communities.  

We are rolling out our Books By The Box subscription program on Cratejoy.  For now it is all only kids books but we will expand that in the future.  We are so excited to finally roll this out for all over the country and we need your help to get the word out :)

Click here to learn more about our new book subscription program.  As a bonus for those that subscribe you get access to something that my five year old daughter and I built together called Syd's Kid's Corner.  

It is the safest space on the internet for kids and parents together to help build and nourish a love for reading and art for young kids and the people that love them.  Over the next several months we will be building this community together, but you can only join by clicking here and being a founding member of our subscription book box program.  

But you have to act soon.  Orders have to be placed by midnight on May 31st to get in for June's shipment and to be part of Syd's Kid's Corner.  

We have been working towards this for a long time, even before I even knew where this would end up.  There was a bit of a beta test awhile ago to work the kinks out of the subscription service.  I can't wait for you to join us and build something amazing for communities all over the country.  

Thank you so much for believing in us :)


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New Store Hours

Apr 08, 2018

Hey guys, your friendly neighborhood bookstore manager here to let you all in on the news that we're extending our hours! Starting Monday, April 9th, Murphy's Used Books and Media will be open Monday through Thursday 10am until 8pm, Friday and Saturday 10am until 9pm, and Sunday 11am until 5pm. We hope to see you here soon. And if you haven't stopped in to see what we're all about here at Murphy's we just know you'll fall in love after your first visit. Click here to sign up for our email list and get a coupon code for a free book! (Free book code good for one free item valued at $3 or less; not valid with any other offer; one discount code per person, per transaction, per day.)

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Got Books? Lets Make A Deal :) (You might win $100 in store credit.)

Mar 10, 2018

If you have been to our bookstore then you know that most of the books that we put on our shelves are ones that come in the front door from members of the community.  We never know what we are going to get from day to day and that is part of the fun.  

We offer store credit for books that you guys bring us, and we are pretty sure that we have the best deal in town.  (We love books as much as you do, and we've done the rounds.)

It is a pretty great feeling to see a family come into the store with an armload of books that have been sitting unread on a shelf and leave with new treasures. 

We have a pretty huge selection as of now, but we are working on expanding soon and we need even more of you to bring in your books for us. 

So we got to thinking...

Contests and events are kind of our thing.  So we have decided that every month we are going to choose one buyback transaction receipt at random and give out $100 in store credit to the winner.


(I get it.  If you are reading this and are getting flustered thinking about getting rid of any of your darlings, don't worry.  This is a good thing for you too, because all of these people that don't treat their books as members of the family are going to be bringing them in for you to come and buy.  It's the circle of life.) 

Either way, come on out to Murphy's today and see the best new place in the Dayton area for books.  



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Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

Mar 01, 2018

Once upon a time, teachers used classics like Dick and Jane to teach literacy to students. Dick and Jane were revered at the time for their relatable stories and simple literary structure. D & J were living simple lives other children could understand, and the pacing of their stories was slow enough for even the most beginning readers. Dick and Jane worked. Sort of.

There was a problem with the D & J books. They weren't exciting. They lived normal lives, and their books progressed at a glacial pace. For many young children, the feeling was this: There's nowhere to go from here. Reading is just not that fun.   

Dr. Seuss' Challenge

Theodor Seuss Geisel, who we know as Dr. Seuss, was working as a writer and illustrator in 1957 when he was contacted by Houghton Mifflin's textbook division. They asked him to create a book that "first graders can't put down." The publisher gave him a list of 348 words that could be used in the text, then gave him creative freedom to write about and illustrate whatever he wanted.

The end result was The Cat in the Hat. It took Dr. Seuss a full year to write The Cat, as he poured over every lovingly written word. Published in May 1957, The Cat in the Hat sold 2 million copies in the first four years.

Almost overnight, Dr. Seuss changed children's literature forever. The gleeful, unbridled chaos of the story was catchy, fun to read, appropriate for beginning readers and used many of the same words found in the Dick and Jane series. In later books, Dr. Seuss expanded his repertoire. His books taught moral lessons to children. They developed character. They expanded the imagination. 

Publishers Weekly reports that The Cat has been translated to 18 languages and continues to sell at an average rate of 500,000 books annually. Even after all these years, Dr. Seuss books continue to sell...

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Seven Ways to Get Young Kids To Love Books

Feb 22, 2018

According to former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, “There are many little ways to enlarge your child's world. Love of books is the best of all.”

I completely agree!  Your imagination can change the world.  And flexing that muscle through reading books is crucial for all of us, but especially kids.  

So how do we get our kids to love books? Equip your preschoolers with early literacy and a love of learning as you encourage reading in the following fun ways.

1. Let Your Kids Choose the Book

Whether your child is into dinosaurs, cars or princesses, let her browse the selection at your local bookstore or library. Like you, she’s more likely to want to read if she’s interested in the book’s subject.  We think owning books is important for kids.  They make books for kids about everything under the sun.  I'm sure your little one can find something that gets her excited.

2. Add Expression

Turn any story into an entertaining and engaging experience with expression, energy and drama. Let loose, get silly and make sounds, use an accent and sing as you show your kids that reading is fun.  My daughter loves me to read The Magic Treehouse books to her before bed, and she says that the voices are half the fun.  

3. Encourage Pretend Reading

Sometimes, I skip the printed words and make up a story based on the pictures. My daughter gets a kick out of our silliness, and I’ve caught her pretending to read books to her stuffed animal friends.  Imagination is the key.  And priming them to relate good experiences with books as much as possible is how we have the best chance to get that to stick for them.

4. Put on a Play

If your child likes to play dress-up, act out her favorite children’s books. Include props and costumes, invite friends and bring your child’s favorite stories to life.  

5. Attend Library or...

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What Makes Us Different

Dec 06, 2017

I got an interesting question today while I was getting my oil changed.  I was telling the mechanic about the bookstore.  (In fact, there aren't many people I don't tell about the store that I see out in the world.  It is the second best thing I've ever had a hand in making, and I'm very proud of it.)  He interrupted my sermon about our 200,000 books and asked me what makes our bookstore different.  

I started to talk about the selection, and the space, and the staff.  All of which I think are pretty special.  But, I wish I would have said something else.  

Don't you hate that?  When you think of the right thing to say after the fact?  Since it would be weird to go back to Jiffy Lube and tell the guy now what I should have told him then, I'm going to tell you.  

All we have done is to build a framework.  You all know that for every book that we sell, we give one away.  You know that we make space for community events. You know we work with groups in our community that are trying to give back in the same kind of way that we do.  

Then we open our doors and wait for you all to shine, and that is exactly what you do.  Time and time again.  

Over the past couple of weeks you all have helped to make sure that homeless children will have gifts this Christmas.  Earlier this year you raised over $1,000 for hurricane victims.  Last year you raised over $5,000 to help my favorite young reader in the world Brody Heinrich and his family as they battled (and continue to battle) a terrible condition.  And since we opened our warehouse to the public, your purchases have allowed us to donate over 200,000 books locally here in Dayton, and around the country.  

So as 2017 is coming to a close, we want to say thank you to all of you who participate in our community events, give so generously to wonderful causes when we ask,...

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Christmas Hope Box Drive

Nov 12, 2017

We recently met an amazing woman named Peggy Cottle.  She is doing an amazing thing this holiday season in our community and we want help get the word out.  There are many people in the Miami Valley that are struggling and aren't going to have the kind of Christmas morning that most of us will enjoy.  She wrote the following blog post and asked me to share to it with you.  We are more than happy to be part of her amazing efforts and hope you will too.  -Greg Murphy

My name is Peggy Cottle. I started Helping Hands for the Homeless in 2013 after my mother passed away. When she was a young teenager, she became homeless and depended on family, friends and sometimes the streets for places to live. When I was a child, she always made sure people she knew had a place to stay and food to eat. I wanted to do something to help others in her memory.

Last year my son and I started the Christmas Hope Box drive to help local homeless
children at St. Vincent de Paul’s Homeless Shelter have a chance to experience the joy of Christmas regardless of their circumstances. By giving them these boxes we are trying to bring a little joy into their lives. We were able to give 81 boxes to the homeless children last year.

This year, there are 121 homeless children at the shelter. Each child is in need
of a Christmas box.

Our Christmas Hope Box program allows for every child at the shelter to be assigned a sponsor (a person that promises to give them a Christmas box). Sponsors will place a toy, game, personal care items, activities, school supplies, hats, gloves, etc in wrapped empty shoeboxes for each child. Through this drive, we are also taking in much needed donations for the families and other individuals that are in need at the shelter.

Murphy’s Used Books and Handyman Ace Hardware have agreed to sponsor barrels for the drive. Murphy’s has also agreed to host one of our kick off events for the drive. It will be on Friday, November...

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Three New Additions to our Website

Oct 30, 2017

It has been a very busy and exciting week this past week as we threw our first Halloween party at Murphy's.  While most of the staff was busy with that, we also made three new additions to the website.  All of them are pretty exciting for me, and I hope they will resonate with the community.  

1.  The Blog

Now this one shouldn't be a surprise to you since you are reading this right now on the blog.  But three is a better number for a list than two, and it is new.  Outside of a delightful Halloween video with Sydney, (who is four years old and has asked me repeatedly for a youtube channel) this is the only post so far.  

I'm hoping that this blog will end up being the place where I am able to keep everyone up to date with what we are working on.  Posts on Facebook and other sites get lost so quickly into the oblivion of cat videos, cute babies, and indulgently curated selfies, that I want there to be one place in the world that is ours.  Me and you.  Because I am under no illusion that any of what we have built would be there at all without this community.  

2.  The Volunteer Page

We have had a volunteer program for the past two years at the DBS Warehouse Sale, and it has been one of the reasons we are able to give away so many books and keep our prices so low.  Volunteers earn free books by helping out at the warehouse and there will soon be opportunities at Murphy's as well.  You can learn more here.  

3.  The Online Store

This is the most exciting one for me.  I've been working on this for awhile, and we are finally able to launch our first e-commerce site.  It will get more robust over time, but for now you can find it here.  We are really excited about it and as far as I know, this site will be relatively unique.  

Our online store will be a place to buy used assorted lots of books in bulk, for cheap, and...

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Happy Halloween

Oct 27, 2017
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